“We don’t wait for the future to come to us. We give birth to the future.”
― Alain Yaovi M. Dagba

Hello beloveds and welcome back to my new blog! It’s been a while since I wrote a blog post but I’m happy and grateful to be back. I won’t bore you with the long story about all the technically difficulty I’ve been having. Instead, I welcome you again to my little piece of cyber space, where I’ll hopefully be able to share content that is as entertaining as it is inspiring. It also happens to be my birthday today, I don’t believe in coincidence, I consider this the rebirth of my blog as well as my own. Lately I’ve been feeling a bit down, a quarter life crisis maybe? I’m slowly crawling out of it and renewing my vision for my work and life. I’ve never minded starting over, it gives me strength and clears my cluttered mind. So many of us get stuck in one way of thinking, or creating but when you’re forced to start over you’re left to figure things out for yourself and build something better. Soo, what can you guys expect on my blog? I’ll be blogging about topics ranging from advice on personal growth to style & beauty related content. I’m excited and I hope you are too..Sometimes you need to remind yourself that you’re here on purpose, here’s to new beginnings! ♥






Outfit details: turban – pieces, top – mango, pants – esprit, shoes – invito, necklace – primark, clutch – primark


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