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After working as a life coach and doing one-on-one sessions here in the Netherlands I decided to start doing online coaching as well. Considering the fact that most of my readers and viewers live abroad I wanted to create and provide a coaching program that can be done in the comfort of your homes.


My mission

My personal mission in life and in business is to serve others in the best way possible by using my God-given gifts. When it comes to my business as a life coach I aspire to ignite a spark within individuals that lack a sense of purpose and motivation in their daily lives. There is nothing more fulfilling to me then seeing another soul transform and blossom into the person they were meant to be by setting goals and then executing them beautifully. I truly believe each one of us has the power to start leading purpose-driven lives and I’m passionate about helping you achieve that for yourself.


Who this program is for

  • The dreamers: those of you who have so many great ideas and dreams for your life but just can’t seem to put all these wonderful plans into action.
  • The self-doubters: those of you who want to learn how to silence the negative selftalk and change your perception of Self.
  • The procrastinators: those of you who will probably sign up for the program at the very last minute, that’s okay we can work on it.
  • And anyone else who knows there’s more to life than merely existing and want to learn how to start living a more purpose-driven life. This program is for you!


What I offer

 Before the program:

  • ”Hour of Clarity”: 60 min session, free of charge, to assess your personal situation in order to provide a tailored program for your personal needs and goals


During the program

3 week online-program with one-on-one coaching sessions:

  • two 1-hour sessions every week via Skype and/or phone
  • E-book to work on short weekly assignments
  • 24/7 email support


Sign up today

Program kick off: July 1st 2016

Book your Hour of Clarity now for a free 1 hour session between Tuesday June 21st – Wednesday June 29th

via email:







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