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I’m currently in bed blogging with a flu that seems to want to remain in my life forever. I figured I’d do what a blogger does! Today I’m taking you guys with me down memory lane back to the amazing #WeWelcome campagne lifestyle brand Nesci launched last month. With the refugee numbers increasing and the hostility towards them growing rapidly, it was great to see how Nesci and others wanted to make a statement by welcoming not only those we know and love for Eid but also welcoming refugees. As a former refugee I wholeheartedly support their cause and loved contributing (in a very small way) to it.

The day started super early 6am..but tea heals all..

morning ruqia


It took me a while to get started, I’m still trying to become a morning person. When we reached our destination and I had my face put on by miracle worker/MUA Esma I could finally crack a smile..

Apart from being humbled by the experience, I’m also very happy and grateful to have met some amazing people, especially Miss Limi! You know when you meet someone and you just click? Effortlessly without forcing anything? Yup, that’s exactly how it felt like with her. We met a couple of days before the campagne but I’ve been crushing on her fly self for a while now, so I was a bit nervous meeting her, cause you never know how people are in real life but she exceeded any expectation and was so sweet!

Limi babe

And then it was game time, we shot the photo’s at a beautiful location in Amsterdam. The very talented photographer Khalid Amakran worked his magic on fellow Youtuber (and now male model haha)Remy Lagerweij en I.





This whole process made me appreciate my life even more and it has humbled me tremendously. When people come together great things happen. We have enough people who see the world as it is and are ‘realistic’ (frkin hate that word), who doubt, complain, see problems and burn bridges. They are called politicians. We need dreamers, those who build and don’t see the world as it is but how it could, should and will be by building more bridges and spreading positivity. Each of us can make a meaningful impact on this world by dreaming and building towards a better one. Let’s keep some room in our hearts for the unimaginable •

If you would like to donate to Human Appeal International and help the refugees, visit

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