Sooo, you’ve found yourself a victim/potential partner but you’re not sure whether your feelings are genuine love or you just want to devour them like the wild thang that you are. Here are some surefire ways to find out whether it’s love or lust:


  • Love is not possession

Love brings out our nurturing, caring side. You want to protect, support and encourage the person you love. Your main focus is their happiness and comfort. You want to see them grow and blossom. Lust, however, is all about you and fulfilling your desires. The other person is merely an object to satisfy your needs.

  • Me, Me, Me…

Having the other person on your mind 24/7, all day errday is not an indication of true love. If you find yourself thinking of them but the only reason behind it is what they can do for you. It’s lust.

  • Time

There’s no such thing as love at first sight. Hollywood and Bollywood have lied to us’s okay, now we know better. There’s a possibility of like or lust at first conversation but love needs time to grow. Lust however tends to decrease after time if it doesn’t develop into love.

  • Eye candy or soulfood

Can you think of three qualities you like about them? Ok, two. Just give me one..nothing? If you’re obsessed with their appearance more than their mind, and the thought of holding a conversation with them makes you instantly tired. It’s probably lust.

  • 20 to life

Do you see them in your future? I don’t mean next week or month. Do you see them moving in with you, as your partner, mother/father of your munchkins? Or does the idea of a long term commitment to them scare you? Would you prefer getting 20 to life to a life with them as your significant other?


I found this insightful image down below from, are you already on restraining order-level?


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