The best way to get more out of our day is to manage our energy, not our time. When we’re waiting in line for something time seems to pass very slowly but, for example, when doing activities we enjoy, time is magically suspended. The difference has to do with our energy and enthusiasm rather than the amount of time we have. This is why we need to get in touch with our natural energy rhythms and tasks, and gather people around that energize us.

Here’s how you manage your energy better:



Unlike time, our energy does not come in finite supply. To start, spend your evening working out or meditating and you will feel a huge difference the next morning. Set reasonable expectations each day. There’s only so much our minds, bodies, and souls can take before we check out.


Some of us are all fired-up in the morning and others may have bursts of energy after dinner. Track down how you feel throughout the day and take advantage of your high-energy times. Those are the moments where you need to focus on your most important task of the day or any creative work that requires you to be at your sharpest. You can even use those times to do the tasks you hate doing most, when you’re most efficient you can get them done quicker.


Be sure to make to-do lists and not a schedule. On low-energy days you will feel crushed by a schedule, you go through all the tasks you couldn’t complete and it will depress you. This is why you need to be flexible and understand that you may not complete all the tasks on your list but on low-energy days it’s all about doing the bare minimum. After that do one thing that will boost your energy for the next day (yoga, eating a light dinner or running in the park). On medium-energy days tackle some harder tasks  like cleaning out the garage or working on the backyard.


We have embedded mindsets about when certain things should be done. Work is suppose to be done during business hours, groceries are done during certain hours and gym is squeezed in somewhere. This type of thinking is contrary to an energy-management approach. If you wake up at 5am and can’t seem to go back to sleep, then get up and go running. If you wake up with a great exciting idea then don’t stay in bed checking your social media, get up and starting executing it. Break your mental boundaries and direct your motivation whenever it materializes.

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  1. Its great pleasure to know through youtube, I would like you to suggest for you, if you can make coaching and self-development it will be great, I recommend you to read one The Alchemist of Happiness by Al-Ghazali, so can give one topic each month, I am ready to help you to collect this material or if you need to translate from Arabic to English it’s part of purification of our inner side, he talked about heart ,mind , soul and body ,

    • Great suggestion, I’ll look into it. Thanks brother! May Allah bless you! 🙂

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