1. I’m a crier. I cry when I’m happy, I cry when I’m sad. I cry when others cry and yes I need to work on that. Being sensitive can be a good thing but it’s not healthy to soak up other people’s pain and misery.
  2. Full-time shoulder. I don’t really mind this because it means a lot if someone comes to you with their problems and to be trusted is a bigger compliment than to be loved. It can be a bit overwhelming sometimes because I suck at shaking those stories off and  then going about my own business. Plus sometimes the shoulder might need a shoulder but I hate asking for help or talking about my own issues. I guess that’s another fact.
  3. I’m an introvert. For years I’ve tried to be an extravert but I need to accept that I am not and never will be an extravert. I also realized that being an introvert at heart is not a bad thing and doesn’t mean you’re shy or boring. An extravert gets energy from being out there and being the center of attention, which isn’t a bad thing either but for an introvert that can be exhausting. I personally prefer to be around a small group of people or just one person sitting somewhere drinking tea all day and talking. I know that in order to reach my professional goals I will have to become more outgoing but deep down I’m happier just being at Coffee Company (my second home) with a friend.
  4. Gay people love me. Ok that’s a bit of a generalization but I’ve noticed that wherever I go or any job I’ve had, gay people flock to me and I LOVE IT. This is such a random fact haha but it’s just something I’ve noticed so yeah..
  5. I read the death announcements in newspapers. Oh I just keep getting weirder..I read it because 1) they’re usually lovely short stories about those who’ve passed away and I’m nosey 2) it’s a small reminder that I won’t be here forever and I would love to be remembered in such a loving manner, so really I see that as motivation <3
  6. I love spicy food. The spicier, the better. I don’t like food that isn’t spicy and I don’t know how people can eat food with just salt and pepper and actually say it tastes nice. Lies.
  7. I love accents. Just love it. Everything just sounds better with an accent and I don’t understand why people put others down cause of it. If anything having an accent means you speak more than one language. That’s sexy.
  8. I want 8 kids, 4 biological ones and I would love to adopt 4 more kids. There’s nothing more beautiful than a big family and because I’m an only child I want a bunch of chubby babies running around in every possible color.
  9. I’m 5’7 and growing…
  10. I’ve never done drugs or had alcohol, tea is enough for me.
  11. I love the dark. It has to be completely dark in the house in order for me to sleep. I also love night time and prefer going out in the evening more than in the morning.
  12. Autumn is my favorite season. When the leaves start falling, rain starts pouring and the long coats can be worn again, ahhh..can’t wait.
  13. I have OCD. Ok maybe not full blown OCD but I do check everything several times and everything has to be done in a specific way and I have a thing for uneven numbers. It got really bad to the point where I would set my alarm clock and then check if I had set it. I would do this so many times that I would end up crying cause I was worried I hadn’t set it properly. Madness. I’ve stopped doing that now and try to relax more, so what if I don’t do things exactly 7 times? It’s not the end of the world.
  14. I’m an open book. You may have noticed haha..This may be a problem for some but it isn’t for me. I tend to be very open to anyone about everything. I won’t share information about others but when it comes to myself I feel I have nothing to hide or anything to be ashamed of. I feel that if you have something to hide then it means you’re constantly worrying about other people’s opinion of you and deep down want their approval.Luckily, I don’t have that problem anymore..very liberating!
  15. I love my long legs and my hair. I think we all have certain features we love about ourself and some that we don’t. I would say my legs are my best feature along with my hair which none of you can see haha 🙂
  16. I had braces because I absolutely hated the gap between my two front teeth. Now I kinda wish I kept it cause it was what made me look different and it’s beautiful. Very I-like-to-wear-sundresses-while-listening-to-India Arie-and-letting-the-sun-kiss-my-dreads-wrapped-up-in-a-bright-yellow-turban type look. Love it.
  17. I’m an emotional hoarder. Not sure if this is even a term but let’s just go with it. I save everything: letters, messages, emails, pictures, cards etc. Anything that made me cry, smile, blush..in a box and in the event of my demise my best friend needs to destroy it along with my old diaries.
  18. I hate fighting and arguing. Even if I’m right and have every right to be mad at you, I will go off for like 5 minutes and then that’s that. I’m no longer mad afterwards or wish to continue the argument. Holding grudges is just petty.
  19. I used to draw fake tattoos on my body with a pen. I desperately wanted a tattoo growing up and still want one but I would probably regret it before leaving the shop anyway..
  20. I think and dream in English. I have no idea why.
  21. I’m a polyglot. Sounds fancy doesn’t it? Google it.
  22. I don’t watch tv.
  23. I don’t like being told what to do. I wouldn’t say I hate authority, okay maybe I do..and that’s why I hate working for anyone or having to wear a uniform. Just can’t do it.
  24. I need to find me a phobia because I don’t really have one. No fear of flying, heights, small spaces, spiders etc.
  25. Purple is my favorite color.
  26. I’m a Gemini in Western astrology and a Dragon in Chinese astrology. I don’t really believe in this stuff but word on the street is that they’re both great signs so that’s cool I guess.
  27. I love babies and old people. I have no time for any of you inbetween-people.
  28. The saxophone to me is the sexiest instrument known to man and I wish I knew how to play it.
  29. I used to have the biggest crush on Zack Morris (Mark Paul Gosselaar) from Saved by the Bell.
  30. I love me some blueberry cheesecake.



  1. Your inner beauty reflect through your writing. I would love to meet you one day. I believe we’ll be really good friends. I enjoyed reading this. Thanks for sharing all these pits and pieces of your self.

    Amal Sugulle

    • Aww so sweet of you, thank you! Anything is possible so who knows we may meet one day insha Allah! <3

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