We all have dreams we would love to achieve. Regardless how big or small it might be, it’s important to keep shooting for the stars until you reach your full potential.

The question is, are you willing to do whatever it takes to get there?

First off, talk is very cheap. We all have people in our lives that talk for hours about what they’re trying to do, projects they want to start etc. Knowing that there are graveyards filled with people who had wonderful ideas, good intentions and amazing plans but never executed it motivates me to push myself to reach my own personal goals.

If the hustle was easy, everybody and their mama would be millionaires and doing remarkable things. At the end of the day, you have to be ready to pay the price that comes with the perks of achievement. Here are a few costs associated with the hustle and why you shouldn’t let that stop you.

Be RELENTLESS. One of the biggest reasons why people are where they are is because they lack a determination to pursue their dreams, no matter what. If it’s easy for you to throw in the towel, you probably won’t make it very far. Go the extra mile and don’t give up.

Bye bye comfort zone. There comes a time when you need to stop doing the same thing over and over again. If it’s not working then find new ways to make things work. Most people aren’t happy where they are at in life, they’re just comfortable and scared to head into uncharted territory to find a better life for themselves.

Sleepless nights. Sleep is the number one enemy of dream seekers . Yes, you need enough sleep to function but to make the dream work you will have to work late and will lose a lot of sleep in the process but that’s why we have coffee..

Lack of work/life balance. In a quest to be successful, it can be very easy to focus all of your efforts on the pursuit of happiness and not so much on your friends and family. While creating a balance is the long term goal, right now it probably won’t happen. You can’t put all into achieving your dreams and still turn up with the homies every week.

Limited funds. In the beginning you will experience setbacks but that’s all part of the hustle. Sometimes you have to start at the bottom and find creative ways to make money for your business.  Also never allow yourself to get distracted by the fancy life others may lead, that’s motivation but focus on your own grass. Your time is going to come..

There’s always going to be a cost associated with “making it,” you just need to decide how much is too much to pay.



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