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Hello beloveds,

This is the kick start of a new series on my blog: Driven, where I’ll feature an individual who inspires me with their ambition and drive. In an era where there’s so much opportunity and options it can become a bit overwhelming to choose a career or more so a path in life. I thought it would be helpful to put the spotlight on people who are working towards their goals and hopefully inspire others to want more for themselves in life. Without further a do, I would love to introduce you guys to ‘The Somali Motivator’ and founder of ‘Somali Struggle Stories’ aka the lovely Liyah. Even though our contact is limited by distance, I feel as though we see eye to eye on a lot of things and we both share a deep passion for coaching. Here’s what she had to say about staying motivated and focused on her goals:

I started my account on Instagram as ‘SomaliMotivator’, a couple of months ago. I have always loved to inspire and motivate others, to push them to their full potential. I believe in our Somali community, we need more people that spread positivity and with the ‘anything is possible’ mindset. I stay motivated because I have that drive in me, I know what I want, and I will get it in shaa Allah (God willing), of course I have hard days and things get rough. But with Allah by my side and my family and friends support, I know I can get through it. I love love watching motivational videos every single morning, at least one on my busy days. This helps me stay motivated and also gives me that positive energy in the morning. For anyone who is looking to get into this field as a motivational speaker or anything similar I would advise you to read, read and read again, try to be unique and be yourself, the rest will fall into place beautifully. – The Somali Motivator 


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